Yoga Ed Tools for Teachers Workshops (K-8) and (9-12)

These workshops are approximately 4 hours long and designed to help teachers integrate yoga based activities into their school day. All activities are designed for the classroom, require no extra equipment or space and take only 5 - 15 minutes to produce positive results. According to the classroom teachers that use these tools, the time spent on yoga is ‘well worth it’! They not only help teachers and their students feel energized about the work at hand, they also make class time fun, easier and more enjoyable.

Fundamental yoga techniques such as conscious breathing, basic yoga poses, and kinesthetic play and visualization techniques improve and enhance learning, behavior, harmony and balance. These yoga based tools are simple and effective, producing both immediate and long-term results. Plus you do not need to have experienced yoga before to take this workshop. These workshops are open to complete beginners as well as seasoned yogis!

What teachers say after the workshop:

"If we can help ourselves to relax and teach the tools to students, I truly believe mentally we’ll all be healthier and physically aware". Rosemary Tomlinson-Morris, Silverthorne Elementary School, Toronto.

"I feel like my true self", Nadia Lauren, Dennis Avenue Community School, Toronto.

"It was an eye opener that it is a great tool for the classroom and other management", Marlene, Teacher Elementary School

"I can use it immediately in my class", Andrew Champion, Elementary School Teacher.