Yoga Can Yoga


  What we offer

YogaCan runs yoga classes in schools to students and teachers and in companies looking to provide their employees with a way to relax and rejuvenate. YogaCan works with athletes offering core training, restorative, and 'in the zone' mental preparation classes. Private classes are available upon request.
YogaCan's fundamental belief is that everyone can benefit from yoga and that everyone can do yoga. A regular yoga practice can bring a positive transformation both physically and mentally and provide an overall sense of health and well-being.
YogaCan offers vinyasa (flow) style yoga classes for children and youth (K - 12), adults, businesses and athletes. YogaCan runs workshops for teachers looking to integrate yoga based activities into the classroom or as part of the physical education curriculum to enhance learning and wellness.

"To feel centred is to experience one’s psychological centre of gravity - a solid integration of mind and body. Knowing how to feel centred is as important to young people as knowing how to read, write and brush their teeth."           Dr. Gay Hendricks